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6 Dining Room Trends On the Rise for 2023

6 Dining Room Trends On the Rise for 2023

We’ve been searching for the newest and best design concepts for every area in your home, from bathrooms to bedrooms to your probably underused dining room, since the new year is just days away.

The dining room’s days of serving as a holding area for mounds of whatever are ended. In 2023, your dining room will serve a new duty as a place to congregate with your closest friends and family, so get out your favorite cookbooks and start planning a dinner party meal.

We consulted numerous interior designers for their predictions on the dining room trends we can anticipate to see in 2023 in order to give your formal dining room new life. Here are six styles to modernize your dining area, from daring lighting to timeless woodwork. We’ll anxiously await the invitation to our dinner gathering.

1. Darker Wood Furnishings Are Back

Dining Room Trends - Darker Wood Furnishings Are Back

You can trust Mary Beth Christopher of MBC Interior Design when she says that dining room ideas will be dominated by rich, dark wood tones.

“We are starting to see darker stains and woods used strategically in the house, and this will include the dining table,” she claims. After a decade of bleached wood and white walls, people yearn for spaces that are richer and more welcoming. We all want for the warmth and character that these darker woods convey.

A dining room table is an expensive investment, but there’s no reason to be concerned that a dark wood one will go out of style any time soon—or even ever. Darker wood, according to Christopher, “recalls a somewhat more traditional and formal style, which has been around for centuries.” It has genuinely classic design elements.

2. Express Yourself

Dining Room Trends - Sarah Cole Interiors

Interior designer Sarah Cole has seen a growing trend among her clients: they want their homes to reflect who they are. She claims that they want their homes to make a statement.

This is especially crucial in areas that are used for entertainment, such dining rooms, where friends and family may congregate to see your house in action. Look for more eclectic dining rooms with a collected sense in 2023, according to Cole, whether it’s a beloved hue, family antiques, or art that has personal value.

3. Add Some Glamour

Dining Room Trends - Add Some Glamour

Even while dining rooms are often functional, you may still have some fun with the decor.

According to Lynn Stone of Hunter Carson Design, “A hardworking farm table makes sense for busy families, but that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice the glam.” The dining room will “reclaim its glitzy roots while maintaining a sense of family function” in 2023.

Stone and her business partner Mandy Gregory combined a sturdy oak trestle with a Kelly Wearstler chandelier and chairs with Verner Panton-inspired design for this dining area. The outcomes? A contemporary and (yes) attractive setting with unique yet useful furnishings fit for unforgettable dinner gatherings.

4. Go Long

Dining Room Trends - Glamorous Dinner Parties

Gregory has a prediction, so brush out those Alison Roman cookbooks and hone your hosting techniques.

The big comeback to the dining room table will occur in 2023, she predicts. “Glamorous dinner parties will return. To prepare, envision extra-long tables, obscenely cozy seating, and leisurely meals.”

5. Take a New Approach to Lighting

Dining Room Trends - Take a New Approach to Lighting

It’s time to reconsider your strategy for lighting that incredibly crucial area if the pendants over your dining room table are starting to appear a touch worn. In 2023, billiard lighting will become fashionable in place of the two or three pendant lights that have long been hung over a table, according to Christopher.

“Billiard lighting is a single fixture with two or more light sources in a row,” explains Christopher. “This offers a more refined, contemporary appearance than the typical pendants we’ve seen for years.”

6. Define an Open Floor Plan—Without Walls

Dining Room Trends - Define an Open Floor Plan

According to Lynn Stone of Hunter Carson Design, “Open plan dining areas respond so much better than closed off spaces, but it’s still nice to delineate the space.” How can something be accomplished without using walls? Look in this eating area for a hint.

“Patterned dining room ceilings—whether you’re using wallpaper, color, or, like we did here, an inlaid wood design—creates a visual distinction without raising any walls,” Stone claims.

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