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8 Ideas and Tips: Where to Put a TV in the Bedroom

Where to Put a TV in the Bedroom 8 Ideas and Tips

Many people enjoy watching their favorite shows from the comfort of their bed, but may find it challenging to incorporate a TV into the design of their bedroom, thus the decision to add a television to the room is frequently up for discussion. When determining whether to install a television in your bedroom, keep these seven placement suggestions in mind.

What to Consider When Putting a TV in the Bedroom

You should think about how readily it can be viewed from various angles before placing a TV wherever it may fit in the room. If you want to watch TV in bed, make sure it’s somewhere you can see it while lying down, like on a wall by the foot of the bed or a dresser close by. If your bedroom has a tiny seating area, you might want to position it such that it can be seen from your favorite chair. Make sure the TV is positioned such that the center is at eye level from the intended viewing area, wherever you want to put it.

Any glare from windows is a crucial factor to take into account. The optimal placement for a TV is away from sunny windows or directly across from them. If you put it in front of a window, the light coming in from behind it may strain your eyes. On the other hand, putting it right next to the window will make the screen glare.

1. Mounted on the Wall

Tv in the bedroom - Mounted on the Wall

Mounting a TV on the wall is one of the easiest places to place one in the bedroom. By doing this, flat surfaces stay open and don’t look crowded or bustling.

Include a wall-mounted television in a feature wall to significantly enhance its appeal. Accent lighting can serve to improve the design’s visual appeal. Making the design appear intentional requires paying attention to the background because the TV acts as a natural focus point.

2. Treat It Like a Painting

Smart Televisions - Treat It Like a Painting

When not in use, several smart televisions provide the ability to display art. For those who want to add a TV without making it a focal point of the space, this is the ideal solution. Simply put your TV in the same location that you would hang a display painting or piece of art.

3. Center It on a Dresser

Smart Tv - Center It on a Dresser

On top of a dresser or suspended above it is one of the most common places to put a TV in a bedroom. This is a practical location since most bedrooms already have a dresser, and these substantial pieces of furniture offer plenty of strong, level area to mount the TV. Place the TV above the dresser if you decide to place it on the wall. It keeps the dresser surface open while producing a natural focal point.

4. Incorporate It Into a Gallery Wall

Smart Tv - Incorporate It Into a Gallery Wall

By including the TV in a gallery wall, you may draw attention away from it and onto other paintings and photos. This lessens the TV’s presence and keeps it from taking over the wall. The black screen of a TV, for instance, will seem softer and merge more naturally into the environment if it is placed next to a gallery wall of black-and-white photographs or artwork.

5. Place It Near a Sitting Area

Smart Tv - Place It Near a Sitting Area

TVs can be positioned next to armchairs or other small seating places that could be present in a bedroom, in addition to being put near the bed on a dresser or TV stand. This is ideal for establishing a private retreat for relaxing or a comfortable setting to unwind in without having to get out of bed.

6. Keep It Out of Sight

Smart Tv - Keep It Out of Sight

Try hiding it from view from the entryway if you enjoy the idea of having a TV in your bedroom but aren’t crazy about how it looks. The television won’t be the first thing you see when you enter the room or pass by it.

This can include mounting it around a corner or on the opposite side of a tall dresser, depending on how your room is set up. Just make sure the TV can still be comfortably watched from its intended viewing spot wherever it is put.

7. Hide It in a Cabinet or Armoire

Smart Tv - Hide It in a Cabinet or Armoire

A cabinet or armoire is a common choice for people who want to conceal their TV throughout the day. When not in use, the TV may be hidden totally out of sight by closing the armoire’s doors. Even some cupboards have a roomy open area specifically for TVs.

8. Place It on Built-In Shelving

Smart Tv - Place It on Built-In Shelving

Another creative location to install a TV is in your bedroom if it has built-in storage. Try mixing it in with other decorative elements like vases, plants, books, or artwork. The inclusion of the TV will seem more natural as a result. Doors or sliding panels can be added if you want to conceal the screen when it’s not in use.

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