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How to Decorate a Bedroom

how to decorate a bedroom

After a long day, you should look forward to going back to your bedroom. We can provide guidance if you’re unsure of what to consider while designing your sleeping area. Whether you’re outfitting your space from new or just making some long overdue upgrades, keep in mind these essential designer suggestions.

Ensure Your Space Isn’t Cramped

Sure, the idea of a large mattress may seem nice and luxurious, but not if it will make your entire sleep space appear teeny tiny as a result. “I would trade a king for a full any day if it gave me more floor space,” notes Avery Cox of Avery Cox Design. You’ll thank yourself later when you have room for nightstands on either side!

Cut the Clutter

In the same way that you don’t want your bedroom to seem crowded with furniture, you also don’t want it to feel overstuffed with trinkets and other possessions. Cox shares some advice on how to secure storage even in a tiny space. In order to maximize vertical space, she advises choosing a taller, larger armoire or dresser. She also suggests using under-bed storage bins and bedskirts. Finally, she says, “get as much off the floor as you can.” “I favor bedside tables with plenty of storage space, wall hooks, and large storage options like armoires. Get yourself a proper drawer instead of using the floor basket to store extra throw blankets, etc.

Keep Colors Subdued

bedroom ideas - Keep Colors Subdued

It’s probably not a good idea to experiment with neon in your bedroom. Cristina Lehman of C.Lehman Home says, “For bedrooms, I love to keep with neutral, relaxing, and more muted hues. You’re in luck if you add whites, creams, gentle blues, and other calming colors!

Make the Space Symmetrical

bedroom ideas - Make the Space Symmetrical

Lehman claims that she has always valued a symmetrical bedroom arrangement. By maintaining balance, it “adds to a calming feel,” she claims. This means matching nightstands and matching lamps or sconces for Lehman. “Or, if there’s a window on one side of the bed, I like to add a similar sized mirror on the other side to visually balance the look,” she continues.

Add Some Extra Furniture

Bedroom ideas - Add Some Extra Furniture

Of course, your bedroom ought to have more than just a bed, a dresser, and nightstands. Think about other uses for the area and choose furniture accordingly. “I love a bench or some sort of seating at the foot of the bed with a rug underneath the bed to ground the space,” says Lehman. If there is room, I also prefer to have a comfortable reading corner or a separate table for writing in a journal, drinking coffee, or using as an additional workplace. In light of the fact that working from home is more popular than ever, you might want to set up a modest desk area with a task lamp and computer monitor, especially if you live with a large family or several roommates and require a private, quiet space for thought.

Hang Some Wallpaper

Give those walls some attention, please! “Layering patterns make a room more inviting and interesting,” claims Ann Jackson of Ann Jackson Art. “Adding wallpaper to a bedroom can enhance this and make the room look better.” Not interested in covering the four walls? Jackson suggests using an accent wall behind the bed because it “creates a focal point, adding that extra element of pattern, color, and texture.”

Stock Up on Sheets

By no means should you have just one set of sheets; you should always have at least one additional set on hand in case of last-minute spills (we’ve all gotten ourselves wet right before bed!). Additionally, this will relieve stress related to washing, visitors, and other similar situations. If you find a set of linens you adore, buy a few and store the extras in your closet or an under-the-bed storage bin.

Prep For Changing Temps

In connection with that, if you reside in an area that experiences all four seasons, get at least one set of sheets that is appropriate for winter and additional sets that are better for spring and summer. Flannel is ideal for cooler months, while linen that breathes will keep you comfortable and peacefully asleep on hotter nights.

Don’t Forget Some Lamps

Bedroom ideas - Grab a table lamp

So that you don’t have to rely exclusively on your overhead light, you’ll want a few different lighting alternatives. Grab a table lamp for the dresser and consider adding another to at least one of your nightstands (or hang some stylish sconces). These more compact lighting options will be useful when you unwind with a book or television program before going to bed. It’s also helpful to always have at least one lamp nearby; you’ll thank yourself when you don’t have to get out of bed to turn the lights on or off.

Purchase a Hamper

Get a large hamper and use it! Although it’s all too easy to throw your clothes on the floor or a chair, you want to maintain your sleeping area neat, don’t you think? Choose a woven basket or a fabric bag that goes well with the color pattern of your room so it doesn’t feel out of place.

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