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The Top 5 Outdoor Living Trends for 2023 Are All About Relaxation

The Top 5 Outdoor Living Trends for 2023 Are All About Relaxation

Utilize this year’s top outdoor living trends to unplug and relax.

The main driving forces behind this year’s top outdoor living trends are the desire to stay at home, disconnect, and enhance our current environments. The driving factors today are health and wellbeing and the impacts of an economic crisis, even if they may feel like mid-pandemic attitudes.

According to Blythe Yost, co-founder and chief landscape architect of Tilly, “there is so much awareness around taking care of yourself and making time for yourself, which is a hard thing to do with today’s busy and overbooked lifestyle norm.” “It becomes more attainable and feasible to make time for if you invest in ways to do this at home.”

Homeowners are constructing areas to unplug, unwind, and rest this year. The top outdoor living trends for 2023 are listed below.

1. Sensory Pathways

Outdoor Living Trends - Benefits of Gardening

The focus of this outdoor style is creating spaces for rest and awakening the senses. Even though it doesn’t need much space, the well selected design pieces make a significant effect. “We like to incorporate beautiful sounds, like bamboo wind chimes or a water feature,” explains Yost.

Texture also has an impact; materials like wood and stone are frequently used in sensory pathways. According to Yost, “We love to combine various textures throughout the path.” The variety of plant life—its hues and forms, flora, heights and depths—offers the chance to satisfy the eyes.

Of course, scent contributes as it does in many gardens. It’s excellent to highlight things that smell wonderful, like lavender, adds Yost. Grow something you can eat if you have the room to complete the fifth sense. You’ll enjoy the advantages of gardening in addition to tasting the fruits of your labor.

2. Organic Style

Outdoor Living Trends - Popular Interior Decorating Styles

The popular interior design trend known as “organic modern” is now having an impact on external home design. “This style favors organic shapes, curves, and softer hardscapes as well—a crunch of gravel underfoot on pathways, naturalistic stone pavers defining an outdoor patio, and a heritage vine overhead on a pergola or trellis,” claims Kendra Poppy, trends analyst and head of brand at Yardzen.

Use natural components like wildflowers, decorative grasses, and olive trees to provide color and texture to your outdoor space for an organic modern look. Poppy suggests antique-inspired furnishings and decorations as a contrast. “Select materials with an aged appearance, such as patinated metal chairs or a salvaged wood garden bench, natural finishes like rattan and jute, and classic vintage clay pots.”

3. Outdoor Fitness Areas

Outdoor Living Trends - Outdoor Fitness Areas

The designers of Tilly believe that a dedicated outdoor exercise area is a popular request and that it’s important to make the room functional for at-home workouts in addition to having the space. According to Yost, “from a design standpoint, we’ll want to make sure this area has shade, whether it’s under a pergola, a shade sail, or possibly a fantastic existing tree.” “The ground needs to be somewhat level—maybe it’s on grass, a brand-new bluestone patio, or a wood deck.”

Wi-Fi connection is a useful option for streaming exercises or just listening to upbeat music. Yost claims that some people are considering more expansive options like bocce, putting greens, or even basketball courts in addition to the proper area for floor workouts or a stationary cycle. It’s about making the most of your outside area to further your goals.

4. Focus on the Front Yard

Outdoor Living Trends - Front Door Portico Ideas

This year, more people than ever are interested in maximizing their front yards. According to Pinterest Predicts, “People want hospitable exteriors to match their individualistic interiors.” The front door portico ideas and front door transformations searches have both climbed, according to the company’s annual trend report. Additionally, there is growing demand in porches for campers as well as regular home fronts.

According to Poppy, this trend is less about making your front porch bigger and more about arranging it to be the focal point of your front exterior while still being welcoming enough for you to remain for a while. You don’t have to make a large statement to be noticed, either.

Modernizing doorknobs, house numbers, container plants, and elegant doormats are a few examples of minor details that have a significant aesthetic impact. Look for solutions to improve comfort in your front yard as well, if space and money permit. Create an outdoor living area in front of your house, complete with an attractive outdoor couch, a porch swing or hanging chairs, and mood-enhancing lighting, advises Poppy, to increase the usable square footage of your house.

5. Relaxing Water Features

Outdoor Living Trends - Cool Plunge Pools

Water elements of various kinds, from bubbling fountains to chilly plunge pools, are raising the level of relaxation in backyards. Water plays a part in the sensory pathways trend as well, but here we discover potential for individual renewal. Particularly, Yardzen is seen a rise in interest in adding outdoor showers, hot tubs, and saunas to create spa-like settings where people can unwind without leaving the comfort of their homes. The bathroom design trends we’re witnessing in 2023 also extend outside of the bathroom.

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