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These 7 Major Home Renovations Add Value

The Top 7 Renovations That Increase Home Value In 2023

Which house improvements raise property prices the most? The chances that these renovation suggestions will be worthwhile are the highest.

Remodeling may be a major task, whether you’re getting ready to relocate or just want to modernize your house, so you need consider if the results will be worthwhile. It’s crucial to understand which improvements will pay for themselves the fastest so that you can demand a better price when it’s time to sell. Making the greatest home upgrades will ultimately increase the value of your house. Consider the cost and value of a remodel project before choosing it, and decide if it is a worthwhile use of your time and resources. What improvements, then, have the most effect on a home’s value? Seven Better Homes and Gardens Real estate professionals offer their opinions on the initiatives that are genuinely worthwhile. Here are the finest home improvements that might increase your house’s selling value.

1. Create an Addition

These 7 Major Home Renovations Add Value

Why should your house not expand as your family does? If you want to significantly improve the value of your house and the square footage, think about adding a room. Make the most of your investment by choosing the ideal materials and finishing touches to raise the appeal and value of your property. “Any kind of physical expansion—whether it’s a new bedroom, an extension of a living room, or whatever space you desire—has a huge impact,” asserts Joe Rand, managing partner and general counsel at Better Homes & Gardens Rand Realty. “If you can increase a home’s square footage, you always increase value. Size is important.

2. Redo Your Kitchen

Remodeling a kitchen - Redo Your Kitchen

As the heart of the house, the kitchen, functioning is of utmost importance. When a kitchen remodel is planned to match your requirements and preferences, it can be exciting and fulfilling. Realtors predict that homeowners might recoup up to 52% of the cost of a kitchen update when they sell their house, according to the 2019 remodeling impact study from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry.

According to Brad Carlton, a sales associate with Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate Metro Brokers, “updating the kitchen with new appliances and bathrooms with new plumbing fixtures may seem trivial, but it’s a must.” The Atlanta region is now seeing a lot of kitchen trends, including concealed outlets, microwaves and dishwashers in drawers, commercial-style stoves, and wine coolers.

3. Renovate a Bathroom

Bathroom renovation - Renovate a Bathroom

Any house may benefit greatly from an upgraded bathroom. Include modern surfaces in remodeling projects for a spotless environment that is simple to maintain. Realtors estimate that homeowners might recoup up to 57% of the cost of a bathroom makeover if they sell their house, according to the same survey from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry.

According to Jody Steinberg, Realtor, LaVista Hills Team, Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate Metro Brokers, “If a home has only one bathroom or at most one and a half bathrooms, adding a shower to a half bath or adding a half bath to a living area for guests improves the appraised value of a home immediately.”

4. Update Your Home’s HVAC

Home Decor - Update Your Home’s HVAC

HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems in your home are what keep everything running smoothly. Some of the most important things to keep are these. Additionally, according to Realtors, if a homeowner sells their house, they may recoup 85% of the cost of an HVAC system.

When a home’s heater, air conditioner, and roof are discovered to be outdated or in bad condition during an inspection, buyers are frequently surprised, says Derek Whitner, Realtor, Team Whitner, Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate Metro Brokers. According to studies, millennials are not prepared to ignore outdated mechanicals, even if the seller is providing a house warranty to make up for this fact.

5. Amplify Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor Kitchen - Amplify Outdoor Living Space

There is nothing better than having a party outside. An outdoor living area will significantly increase the value of your property and turn it into a tranquil gathering place. There are several methods to upgrade your patio, porch, or backyard, regardless of your budget.

Mary Hutchison, senior sales executive, Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate Kansas City Homes, advises using the outdoors as additional living space. “Back in the day, almost everyone had a front porch or screened-in space to escape the Midwestern heat, and these traditional elements are still in demand today. A screened-in porch or patio in the rear is a great addition for entertaining, especially if it has an outdoor kitchen with a built-in grill and refrigerator.

6. Make Your Home More Accessible

Home Renovation - Make Your Home More Accessible

Universal design concepts should be taken into consideration while remodeling a home. Making room for people of all ages, sizes, and physical abilities is necessary. Take a thorough inventory of all intended users’ talents, preferences, and tastes early on in the development phase.

“If it is possible to make your home more accessible, your home will be more welcoming to guests, more marketable to the largest audience, and best of all, you will be able to age in place,” claims Steinberg. To do this, enlarge entrances, convert a tub on the main floor to a shower, make space for a stepless entrance, or build a door to the side or rear of your home.

7. Update Your Light Fixtures

Home Renovation - Update Your Light Fixtures

One of the easiest house improvements that will increase its value is lighting. You’ll be astounded at how pleasant and practical your house can become with a few strategically placed pools of warm light. When selecting the ideal lighting for your rooms, take both the design and the functionality into account.

According to Robin Wolfram, Realtor/Designer with Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate All Seasons-Rochester, “Updated styles of interior and exterior light fixtures are easily accessible at big box stores and online retailers for a little bit of pocket change.” “It can give many homes the major wow factor they would otherwise lack. When purchasing online, be sure to check for “open box” price, which refers to an item that wasn’t damaged but was returned because the buyer changed their mind.

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